Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Katherine Heigl for Harper's Bazaar June 2010

American Actress Katherine Heigl features in the June 2010 Issue of Harper's Bazaar. Katherine had a movie coming up this month- The Killers.

Must admit that the shoot has quite a personality. The first words that came to my mind on seeing these pictures are aristocratic and rich. It has been shot by Alexi Lubomirski and has a beautiful 50's feel to it. Its sophisticated, elegant and at the same time quite playful (with the lovely dogs and all!). I am a fan of her but didnt quite knew that she could have this regal air about her. A part of this must be down to the charming location and classy outfits from the coming Autumn/ Winter 2010-11. The Hair and make up especially are flawless.

The first pic here is obviously the cover and its quite cheery and sets the tone for the Editorial inside. The next pic has her wearing a Lanvin Jacket that has such a graceful drape at the bottom and is so very well fitted that it showcases Katherine's perfect shape.


While the next shot here is quite Lady-like with her wearing the Louis Vuitton, its back to being girly and playful with that Oscar De La Renta. The pleats, ruffles, the buttoned up collar and the skirt's silhouette are so modern yet so distinctly 50's.


Louis Vuitton                                                         Oscar De La Renta

*Picks of the Lot*

Not being able to pick one out as my favorite, I am going with both of these two pictures down here as my favorites. While the first pic is just as dreamy as that Marc Jacobs blouse and skirt, the second pic adds such a playful juvenile quality to that 50's Prada Frock dress (the head band is a cool addition!)

Marc Jacobs                                                                Prada

Over all, this may not be stylistically ground breaking but its such an example of how a shoot can not just focus on a star but have an uniqueness about it instead of being random.

Photo & ID Credit: Harper's Bazaar

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Inside Filmfare July 2010: Sonam Kapoor

Here are some of the pics from the inside of Filmfare July 2010 Issue that has Sonam Kapoor on the Cover. The first pic here has her wearing an Asmita Marwah Summer/Resort 2010 dress which looks miles better here than it did in the runway, with those very interesting accessories.  ( It could be seen here )

Asmita Marwah
The second shot here has her wearing a Rajesh Pratap Tunic and as fabulous the Jacket/ Tunic and the shoes are, the shot could have been done without as it kinda feels out of place from the rest. It would have fared far better has the hair been worn better like the other pics here. The trousers had to have been done without and swapped for a funky shorts or skirt in white me thinks. The shoes however are so very sexy. 

Rajesh Pratap
*Pick of the Lot*
The third pic here where she is wearing a Sonal Dubal outfit is my favorite of the lot. The hair, the lighting, the backdrop, the outfit, the expresiion- everything is in sync and she looks so demure and earthy and sophisticated. Also, Theres something about barefeet thats far more sensuos than any pumps!

Sonal Dubal
She again wears an Anamika Khanna here and the Jacket is seriously interseting, and the trousers are not the least bit less interesting either. I would have loved to see this pic shot in the previous pic's lighting and shade. One thing thats for sure is that its Sonam who has the utmost grace and nonchalance to wear Anamika Khanna. 
Anamika Khanna
Pics Courtesy: Sonam K FC Facebook Group

Sonam Kapoor for FilmFare July 2010

FilmFare, one of India's most popular film Magazines features one of its favorites, Actress Sonam Kapoor on the first half of July 2010's Issue. Just in time for her upcoming Film Release 'I Hate Luv Storys', i would think. She is wearing quite a playful summery white dress by one of her favorite designers Anamika Khanna. Sonam is a far better model than most of the other film stars, not just in terms of her physique but her effortlessness and ease. It only comes to fore yet again in this picture. The White- Green- Black color scheme of the Cover works well, while the picture itself looks to me like it needs just a tiny wee bit of oomph to bring it to life. Those Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Wedges, however, are so flirtarious and so are those bohemian- looking Curio Cottage Accessories. Over all, I can see that It has had the makings of a great Cover.

Picture Courtesy: Sonam K FC (!/profile.php?id=1628237862 )
Dress and Wedges ID Courtesy:

Monday, 28 June 2010

Sarah Jessica Parker for Elle June 2010

SJP appears on Elle's June 2010 Issue and this is one of the pictures from the feature. She is wearing a very pretty Moschino dress which on first look i thought was a Valentino Spring Summer 2010. The ruffles and the fabric look rather similar. Nevertheless, its cute except that I wish it were an inch or two shorter. The star of the ensemble however are the Leaf green Christian Louboutin pumps that are so Carrie Bradshaw, and so is the black bra that peeps out. I for one have been a fan of her being a brunette than a blonde. The stockings do look a tad bit too girly; I would have preferred side parting of the hair and some accessorising, but have to say that she does look fresh!

Picture Courtesy:

AbhiAsh for Vogue India July 2010

My favorite celebrity couple Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan feature in the cover of Vogue India's July 2010 Issue. My first thought was why they are being featured in this issue rather then the one before as it would been an added medium of publicity for their film Raavan that got released on the 18th of June.
Coming back to the cover, the scheme of colors is really good even though I would not say it is summery. The costumes are good and the couple looks great, but other than that, it just looks as an okay sort of a cover. Their expressions just seem a bit out of sync and tried hard. I am not able to get any particular feel out of it. And where is Ash's other leg? Photoshop or mere shadows?

Photo Courtesy: Vogue India

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Cameron Diaz for Vogue UK July 2010

Actress Cameron Diaz graces the Cover of Vogue UK's July 2010 'Ageless' Issue. The Cover and the Editorial inside screams Summer in spite of not using some of the usual summer suspects such as Floral Prints or bright summery colors. Cameron looks amazing for a 38 year old. Messy hair and no- make up look goes well with the loose shirts, khakis and jackets. I am not being able to pick a favourite but am especially loving the white lace top and the sequinned tube top. 
Thumbs up factors:
Shorts that help flaunt those killer legs
Styling that suits her casual style and cheerful persona
Great ambience that makes the pictures all the more alive than look like post cards.
On the flip side, as always, I do think Vogue could have picked a better pic for the Cover!