Friday, 2 July 2010

First Look: Alexander McQueen Fall 2010 Portfolio by Annie Leibovitz

The last ever Collection of 16 outfits made by the late Alexander McQueen for fall 2010 are each masterpieces. They were presented in a medieval hotel room setting, accompanied by the music of Henry Purcell's Dido and Aeneas, which they say McQueen listened to while making the collection. The Collection has such exquisite craftsmanship that with silhouettes that Lee had cut himself. It has so many references to his previous collections and yet it, so ironically, does look as his crowning glory. His creativity, combined with his deep understanding of medieval art, silhouettes and ancient craft techniques, are exemplified in each of the pieces. With fabrics cut from the digitalised prints of Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delight, the outfits look literally heavenly. They are dazzling with loads of gold, mystery, and a beauty that is beguiling and surreal. Each model looked like a Goddess. 

The presentation of this collection in an intimate setting was questioned because of his having been the extravagant showman that he had been. Yet the clothes and his art shone brighter than ever against what seemed as the perfect setting. It makes u think it could not have got better than this. I might sound completely creepy but these clothes made me feel like they were made by someone who transcended life. The entire collection of 16 outfits can be seen here , in case if you have not seen before or want to have another look at it. Believe me. U cant get enough of it. 

The Collection's portfolio has been shot by Annie Leibovitz in a completely different setting but the essence has been captured precisely. With the wooden packing boxes, jute fibres, and the shadow-light play, the clothes get much larger than life and timeless. Especially the second pic featuring what was called the highlight of the collection. Irina K looks literally on top of the world. The other models featured are Tanya D., Frida Gustavsson, Raquel Zimmermann and Karlie Kloss. 

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This or that: Cameron Diaz for Vogue UK July 2010 vs Vogue Australia Aug 2010

A few days ago, we had a write up on the entire shoot and cover featuring Cameron Diaz for Vogue UK's July 2010 Issue here . It seems a different pic has been chosen for Vogue Australia's August 2010 Issue while featuring the same shoot. The outfit is the same but its just a different pose.

Now, while i didnt particularly like the earlier cover, iam not really warming up to the second cover either. on first sight, i kinda liked the new cover and thought the pose was better. but the font colors kill it. now it seems the earlier cover was better and the side pose was more suited for the cover!

Cameron Diaz for Vogue Australia August 2010          Cameron Diaz for Vogue UK July 2010

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Tanya Dziahileva for Harper's Bazaar Spain July 2010

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Belarusian Model Tanya Dziahileva appears on the July Issue of Harper's Bazaar Spain, thats been shot in the crystal- clear beaches of Mauritius.The fresh make up, Swarovski and Bvlgari jewels and glamourous outfits only add to this celebration of summer. Here are some of the pictures from this citrus- fresh shoot.

The shoot features some glamourous individual pieces. The sequinned jacket in the first pic by budding Spanish Designer Maria Escote is one such. And so is the sequinned Giorgio Armani mini skirt in the second pic. These ultra- glam pieces have been taken out of their party/ evening setting and styled aptly to work in the sun, water and sand.

Maria Escote                                                  Giorgio Armani/ Lacoste

Another key part of this shoot are some fun and playful mini dresses like the two below. While that Louis Vuitton is full on playful with the colors especially working with the backdrop's blue and white, that Balmain is edgy and sexy. Contrasting pieces yet each work just as well.

            Louis Vuitton                                                                       Balmain              

What sweetly surprised me though is the Beauty Element thats been brought into a playful, sexy setting. May it be the first Elie Saab or the bottom Ralph Lauren gowns, me thinks its a nice and new dimension. They do have a sophistication about them.       


Elie Saab, Emilio Pucci, Ralph Lauren

The high- fashion outfits have been handled with such ease and carelessness and that i think is the main thing that makes this shoot work!

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Mariacarla Boscono for Vogue Russia July 2010

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The first thing that occurred to me while I saw this shoot was this paragraph from Lauren Weisberger's The Devil wears Prada, where Andrea the Assistant describes her boss Miranda.

"...Either way, it was perfection. She looked breathtaking. She herself was an objet d'art, chin jutted upward and muscles perfectly taut, a neoclassical relief in beaded Chanel silk. She wasn't beautiful- her eyes were a bit too beady and her hair too severe and her face much too hard- but she was stunning in a way I couldn't make sense of, and no matter how hard I tried to play it cool, to pretend to be admiring the room, I couldn't take my eyes off her..."

Italian Model and Theatre Actress Mariacarla Boscono appears on the July 2010 issue of Vogue Russia. The shoot has been done by Sharif Hamza and has been shot in the Roberto Cavalli House in Florence, Italy. It features some of the outstanding Cavalli outfits I've ever seen, with exquisite jewelry from Florence's ver own Gold Merchants Ponte Vechchio Gioielli to Yves Saint Laurent, Bvlgari, Grimoldi,  Pasquale Bruni and Kara Ross.

Cavalli's Animal Prints just overflow with the rugs, carpets, outfits, backdrops and one word to sum up the shoot would be Fierce. This quality has been brought out so well that its almost in- your- face, with Mariacarla's sharpness of features and expression being the perfect foil.

*The Good*

The first three pics here are all outdoors and are what I call the good pics of the lot. The red mini dress is a perfect contrats for that Leopard fur Coat while the pencil skirt in the second pic is such a match for that voluminous top. The third pic's fur coat is again stunning. While iam not loving the hat, I can understrand the quality it brings with it. And how amazing is that footwear in the first pic!

*The Better*:

The Next lot is the better ones which includes the cover. The first pic almost makes her look like an animal herself with her frame, her pose and that leopard print patchwork in the trousers. The second pic is relatively toned down and that Jumpsuit in the cover pic is ultra playful. I have to say the gold jewelry here is amazing and especially the necklace in the middle pic. How cool is that!

*The Breathtaking*:

The third lot here is Breathtaking. The animal prints are back in full flow and the first pic with the tiger- print maxi has so many prints overflowing everywhere yet it works in such perfect harmony! The detailing of the second gown is stunning while the gold and black sequinned dress is such a sharp contrast to that soft fur rug. Am not a fan of smoking bu the cigarettes here and the red nails and lips, are the glorious finishing touches.

Overall, this is one opulent shoot that has completely blown me away. The creative madness has overflown and that shows!

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