Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Katherine Heigl for Harper's Bazaar June 2010

American Actress Katherine Heigl features in the June 2010 Issue of Harper's Bazaar. Katherine had a movie coming up this month- The Killers.

Must admit that the shoot has quite a personality. The first words that came to my mind on seeing these pictures are aristocratic and rich. It has been shot by Alexi Lubomirski and has a beautiful 50's feel to it. Its sophisticated, elegant and at the same time quite playful (with the lovely dogs and all!). I am a fan of her but didnt quite knew that she could have this regal air about her. A part of this must be down to the charming location and classy outfits from the coming Autumn/ Winter 2010-11. The Hair and make up especially are flawless.

The first pic here is obviously the cover and its quite cheery and sets the tone for the Editorial inside. The next pic has her wearing a Lanvin Jacket that has such a graceful drape at the bottom and is so very well fitted that it showcases Katherine's perfect shape.


While the next shot here is quite Lady-like with her wearing the Louis Vuitton, its back to being girly and playful with that Oscar De La Renta. The pleats, ruffles, the buttoned up collar and the skirt's silhouette are so modern yet so distinctly 50's.


Louis Vuitton                                                         Oscar De La Renta

*Picks of the Lot*

Not being able to pick one out as my favorite, I am going with both of these two pictures down here as my favorites. While the first pic is just as dreamy as that Marc Jacobs blouse and skirt, the second pic adds such a playful juvenile quality to that 50's Prada Frock dress (the head band is a cool addition!)

Marc Jacobs                                                                Prada

Over all, this may not be stylistically ground breaking but its such an example of how a shoot can not just focus on a star but have an uniqueness about it instead of being random.

Photo & ID Credit: Harper's Bazaar

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